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 Intelligent People are Dangerous

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Ion Raven
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Intelligent People are Dangerous Empty
PostSubject: Intelligent People are Dangerous   Intelligent People are Dangerous EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 8:27 pm

Face it, humans as a society are cynical. We may trust each other individually, but most of us can't trust someone we've never had face to face contact with. You never know who's out to get you. You can't exactly put someone you don't trust in control. And that is why we put those who aren't quite as gifted with the power of comprehension and can't always come up with the most complete procedures as the head of mass control. Why again? Because intelligent people are dangerous, they have the ability to fool you and can work things under your eyes and you can not control them nearly as easily. That's also why the presidency isn't nearly as strong as some people claim it to be. Sure there is plenty of power in the presidency but it's generally reserved for wartime. Other than that, the most they can do is suggest.

I'm the lightning in the storm. In a single unpredictable flash of chaos exerting power, resounding my presence even after I leave.
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Intelligent People are Dangerous
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