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 Battle Experience

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PostSubject: Battle Experience   Battle Experience EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 9:35 pm

Battle experience for warriors is the ability to parry, dodge attacks, and roll with blows to minimize the damage taken. It also affects the users ability to attack. (HP + Bab) Battle experience must be obtained by experiencing combat. And to experience battle, one can not simply watch, but instead attack or be attacked. Also experience should be based on how much effort was put into the battle. If one has to constantly dodge attacks or must swing repeatedly to hit, obviously a lot of effort is spent and much experience can be gained. However what experience is gained from one shotting enemies repeatedly?

What I plan to do is change the damage and hitpoints from reaching triple digits. Instead, the rolls for actually hitting will increase, (or decrease if they're dealing with weaker guys). This will by far be the biggest change from battle games. Epic duels won't consist of two people constantly hitting each other and being resilient, instead epic fights will consist of two people who can't hit each other because the other one keeps dodging and deflecting the attacks thrown at them. Also since techniques are dependent upon the constitution, they can't go on forever.

What I want to do is allow battle experience to be accumulated at a constant rate and really apply only to battle related skills. (How can one suddenly become stealthier from fighting face to face?) meh, I guess I won't worry separating the experience. But still the other stuff applies..

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Battle Experience
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