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 Random Archetypes

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Ion Raven
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Random Archetypes  Empty
PostSubject: Random Archetypes    Random Archetypes  EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 9:19 pm

Just more random thoughts:

Physical Classes
Warrior - Good at fighting. This includes Berserkers, Infantry, Knights, Generals, Samurai, etc. Warriors gain more fighting techniques as they progress.
Runner - They have a lot of energy to burn and keep themselves healthy. This includes Messengers, Mobile units... While not the strongest, they keep on going. They learn abilities that push their bodies further. (Hmm... Not a lot of generic classes fall under this category)
Mental Classes
Scholar - They spend their time studying and learning and crafting. This includes Wizards, witches, advisors and Artists. As they progress, they learn to craft better things and learn to cast more powerful spells.
Rouge - They are good at sneaking and can find their enemies vital spots. This includes Thieves, Rangers, Scouts, Assassins, and Shadowdancers. As they progress they learn more tricks that can fool, decieve, hide, and generally provide them with more and better opportunities to strike.
Spiritual Classes
Disciple - They listen and maintain a harmonious relationship with supernatural forces. This includes Clerics, Druids, and Monks. As they progress they are provided with more advanced techniques by their deities.
Minstrel - They are great performers and can bend and entertain the minds of others. They have the ability to cause others to believe that which does not make sense. This includes Dancers, Bards, and Song Writers. As they progress they learn more methods to bend others to their will.

Strength - How powerful a character's build is. Having a high str means having strong muscles.
Vitality - How healthy a character, having a high vit is having a healthy body and lots of energy.
Intelligence - The ability to learn.
Dexterity - Hand-eye coordination. Having a high dex means having good control over ones body.
Harmony - How in tune with others, (including the environment) a character is. Those with better harmony are usually more easily accepted.
Charisma - The ability to influence. Many things can affect ones ability to influence including appearance, allegiance, and speaking ability, however this score is representative of an internal base within the spirit of a being.

Skill ranks will not be determined by your purely by Intelligence. Instead they are determined by your all of your scores (You can use Str points to invest in Climbing, Jumping, and Swimming, Int for learning new languages, understanding more magic, Charisma can be used to boost performances, be more amiable, or be more frightening, Harmony points can be used to bond with different aspects such as flora, specific types of animals, weather, the own body, gods and goddesses, and even other people, etc.)

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Random Archetypes
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